Vila Flores (in english)


Located on Rua São Carlos at the corner of Rua Hoffman, Vila Flores was built between the
years of 1925 to 1928 as an architectural complex consisting of 3 buildings on a plot of
15230 ft2.

1. Three-story building on Rua São Carlos
2. Three-story building on Rua Hoffman
3. Ground-level warehouse

The project was founded by Dr. Oscar Bastian Pinto and architectural design by architect-engineer Franz Joseph Seraph Lutzenberger, a German who arrived in Porto Alegre in the year of 1920, who had important contributions to the city’s architecture, including the Church of St. Joseph (São José), The Palace of Trade (O Palácio do Comércio) and the Bread of the Poor Orphanage (Orfanato Pa~o dos Pobres). The complex had its function until they decided to rent rooms to individuals and families whom decided to move to the neighborhood “Floresta” during the industrial expansion that was at the time of construction of the project. On the ground floor, the predominant use was commercial as well as some services that took advantage of the prime location being on corner of the block.

The complex is located in the neighborhood of Floresta, also known as the 4th district of Porto Alegre, which is close to the center of the city. As a main route from the airport to the city, this location provides easy access and logistical reasons for local businesses and residents. Near the main avenues of Farrapos, Cristóvão Colombo, São Pedro and Rua Voluntários da Pátria; it interconnects the neighborhood with adjacent neighborhoods such as: Moinhos de Vento, Higienópolis and Sa~o Geraldo.


Currently, Vila Flores is an active diverse cultural center coordinated by the “Vila Flores Cultural Association” and the administration of the project operating in three main areas: culture, education and creative business.


Since 2012, Vila Flores has been active through a series of events and encounters which have enabled creative exchanges between different areas. The following are some examples:

December 2012 – 1st Meeting at Vila Flores to set up a campaign for vertical gardens and graffiti on the walls.
May 2013 – 2nd Meeting at Vila Flores presenting a show with the band “Marmota Jazz”.
October 2013 – SomCine, a music event with cinema and gastronomy. A screening of the film “Argus Montenegro” and musical presentations by bands: Matt & the Bayou Dogs and Alexandre Leeh. Also, “Street Food” provided by Rodrigo Paz.
November 2013 – Late Afternoon session at Vila Flores. Screening of the film “Nervo Óptico” and music jam session.
November 2013 – the closing meeting of the International Symposium of the Biennial Mercosur- “Someone who knows something … and someone who knows something else: the education of meetings and equality”.
December 2013 – Project “Simultaneidade”- a multi-cultural event with gastronomy featuring over 40 different artists and workshops in the areas of: visual arts, music, performing arts and sustainability.
February 2014 – VivaFlor!- a meeting organized by Vila Flores on Plaza Florida during the “Modelo” Fair on Tuesdays.
April 2014 – discussion groups entitled “The Brazilian Dream of Politics” conducted by research company, Box1824.
Maio 2014 – Plays “Nada Aconteceu, Tudo Acontece, Tudo Está Acontecendo” and “Hygiene” from the theater group “Grupo XIX” from the state of São Paulo, which was an official part of the 9th SESC Festival “Palco Giratório”.
May 2014 – Experts Meeting – a meeting conducted on the 4th District of Porto Alegre promoted by the Dutch Group, Spontaneous City and the School of Architecture and Urbanism at PUCRS.
July 2014 – 1st “Arraial” of Vila Flores, a traditional June celebration organized by the Vila Flores staff.
August 2014 – an edition of the project “Sofar Sounds Brasil”, produced by Dilson Laguna and Armazém Sonoro featuring bands: Diretoria, Irish Fellas, Grecco Buratto, Fantomáticos and Conjunto Bluegrass Portoalegrense.
September 2014 – held the event “Casa Vendida III”, a visual art exhibition and musical presentations produced by Mescla and the team from Casa Vendida.
September 2014 – Release party of the show “Barbie Fuck Forever” directed by Aline Jones.
October 2014- Sarau Expandido, an event produced by the project Casa Grande with workshops, music and poetry.
October 2014 – presentation of the children’s show, “Do Outro Lado do Buraco” by theater company “Ato Espelhado”.
October 2014 – 2 year event of the project “Sofar Sounds Brasil” with shows from bands: Conjunto Bluegrass Portoalegrense, Nicola Spolidoro Quarteto, Moreno Morais e Roudini and Os Impostores.
October 2014 – second presentation of the show “Barbie Fuck Forever” directed by Aline Jones.

THE CULTURAL ASSOCIATION OF VILA FLORES, is a non-profit association based in the sectors of
cultural, recreational, technical, educational, environmental and scientific. The association’s main objective to contribute to the promotion of culture: the arts, education, technology and digital culture, environmental and social research related to quality of life in urban, cultural, artistic and literary events. A developmental activity center for social activities, recreational, cultural, educational, civic, contributing to the whole of society as a example for the development of sustainable and environment protection. It is the responsibility of ACVF, the management of the cultural agenda of the space, to coordinate activities and projects which are in tune to these objectives.


The relationship with the local universities has been administrated so far by the faculties of Architecture and Urban Planning:

● PUCRS: The Study Group on Architecture and Urban Planning- “Urban Generation” ( holds its regular meetings at Vila Flores. With the locales’s challenges they integrate the disciplines of architectural design and urban planning with some of the history of architecture in the first semester of2014 at FAU-PUCRS. (

● UNISINOS :Students from taking the course “Ateliê 5” are working to restore of the old buildings of the 4th district of Porto Alegre.

● ULBRA: The students of “Projeto 4”, taught by Professor Claudia Titton will be working on site at Vila Flores during the second semester of 2014.

During 2014, workshops and courses that have been offered at Vila Flores:
March – Carpentry Workshop conducted by Guif Design.
July – Exploratory laboratory for theater scenes administered by the Ato Espelhado Theatre Company.
July – Puppet building workshop given by the company, Caixa do Elefante Teatro de Bonecos.
July to August – Workshops on quick repairs with the NGO “Women in Construction”.
September 2014 – Drawing course with artist Eunice Gavioli, sponsored by Projeto Vizinhança.
September – Workshop on the grants for the Brazilian Cultural Connection Program organized the project Casa Grande.
September to October – Exploratory laboratory for the construction of puppets taught by “Caixa do Elefante” Puppet Theater.
September- workshop “NAS FRONTEIRAS DO TRAÇO: Demystifying the Design”, taught by Estevão Haeser from the project Casa Grande.
October – Workshop for theater animation with Paulo Balardim from the puppet theater company, Caixa do Teatro de Bonecos.

Vila Flores has also been featured in the following events:
● October 19, 2013 – the 22nd Meeting of the Association of Researchers for the Visual Arts (ANPAP) in Belém do Pará, Brazil.
● September 12, 2013 – Meeting of Collective Intelligence, conducted by Colégio Farroupilha, at Nós Coworking in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.
● March 12, 2014 – Presentation for the students of the faculty of the Architecture and Urban Planning School at PUCRS in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.
● July 15, 2014 – Participation in the circuit assembly program coordinated by TransLAB and was a result of the grant “Call Collaborative Networks” (Redes Colaborativas) from the State of Rio Grande do Sul’s Secretary of Culture Department.
● August 12, 2014 – Meeting of Creative Connections – a lecture during the launch event for Observatory for Creative Economy at UFRGS in Porto Alegre.
● September 17, 2014 – 4th District Wednesday – a lecture for students of the faculty of Architecture and Urban Development at PUCRS in Porto Alegre.
● October 23, 2014 – Third meeting of the Arts and Culture Week 2014, an event celebrating ten years of the Methodist University – “Centro Universitário Metodista IPA”, at the branch DC Navegantes in Porto Alegre.
● October 27, 2014 – Meeting of managers of independent art spaces at “Atelier Subterrânea” in Porto Alegre.


For the second semester of 2014, the expectation is to have groups of artists and creative professionals in the area who are already leasing space for the execution of their work. They are:

ATO ESPELHADO COMPANHIA TEATRAL – Founded in 2007 by Cicero Nevis and Patrícia Ragazzon in Porto Alegre-RS, the group belongs to a new generation of “gaúcho” theater who work with children and adults who are born with various theatrical backgrounds with a desire to share simple and fun ideas with the spectator.

CAIXA DO ELEFANTE TEATRO DE BONECOS – The Porto Alegre based company “A Caixa do
Elefante Teatro de Bonecos “, founded in 1991, is today one of the most active and prominent puppet theater companies in the national arts. Its award-winning sets, targeted for both children and adults, has traveled to many countries such as: Europe, North America and South America; representing values in each of the plays, the essence of our authentic culture.

CAROLINA CASTILLO – Architectural firm

CASA GRANDE – Casa Grande is one of the winning projects of the “Funarte Art Award Black” 2013 to be held in 2014 in Porto Alegre. The project includes 7 parts related to the presence of African descendent artists in the local contemporary art scene:
● occupation of a home-studio-space for coexistence as a place for discussions, training meetings and artistic production (individual and collective).
● the acquisition of material for the multimedia workshop.
● the payment of a monthly stipend for the artists to work on the house and its artistic production activities.
● the promotion for at least nine free workshops for teachers and students in the public schools.
● the production of promotional materials and surveys of racial ethnic tensions in Brazil.
● an exhibition of work done over the 9 months at the house, organized by the self-curator.
● the production and distribution of a catalog.

CASCA DESIGN – the Casca Design was designed and inspired by the art of transforming wooden objects and furniture of traditional carpentry and the desire to return to a simpler, natural and organic life where furniture and objects have meaning and personality. Historically, furniture was traditionally constructed from wood as the main material of its constitution. Today, it has been replaced by industrial laminates such as: plywood, chipboard, fibreboard, melamine laminate, and wood sheets. In spite of this, this activity is still much more connected to the craftsmanship and manual labor than its commercial industrial counterpart.

ESTÚDIO HYBRIDO – Creative space designed to house projects and interdisciplinary initiatives in the areas of visual arts, fashion, dance, performance, video and photography. The studio offers photographic equipment, digital and analog audiovisual, presses for printmaking, sewing machines, a specialized library for local consultation, as well as objects and furniture for set design. The artists responsible for the space invite other artists with hybrid projects with the intention of provoking a dialogue between the various manifestations.

GERAÇÃO URBANA – The group Generation Urban Studies, from the Faculty of Architecture and Urban Planning at PUCRS have an exclusive room as a base for their studies on the 4th District.

GOMA OFICINA – a collaborative platform comprised of professionals in the fields of architecture, furniture, model, urban intervention, set design, video, illustration, animation, photography, graphic design, product and display, with its main headquarters located in the city of São Paulo.

LIKE ARTE ENGAJADA (Heloísa da Costa Medeiros) – A company for positive social impact which works interchangeably among art, education, and social engagements. Recreational events, sensory experiences of living that always have a purpose with an intent eye to detail, be it public or private. Planning and creating ephemeral marketing actions. Social network management.

MATE HACKERS – HACKERSPACE- a group of enthusiasts for technology and knowledge. The primary objective is to provide a location and critical mass for the development of projects in the technology industry, offering courses, meetings, lectures and other activities that enable the exchange of knowledge among participants.

PROJETO VUELTA AL MUNDO – a project that aims to socially insert the thrift store and many other alternative modes of conscious consumption in daily life, not as a second hand store, but as an alternative for free consumption of current problems that involve the fashion industry such as: textile pollution, slave labor and carbon credits.

REPÚBLICA DA BICICLETA – Bicycle frames proudly made by hand in Rio Grande do Sul for city bikes, stationary bikes, bicycle tourism, mtb, speed or other special projects.

S.A. DESIGN – Projects for eco-design products, graphics, environment, landscape design, ecological and consultancy in larger sustainable projects.

SOLABICI – Design and manufacturer of classic and urban bikes.

SOFIA BICCA – Architectural firm

SURTO CRIATIVO – Design studio, communication, creativity, illustration and cuisine.


While the activities mentioned above are occurring, Vila Flores has already began the reformations to eventually house the functions listed below:

a) Space to Learn
Vila Flores will have rooms for rehearsals, spaces for courses, workshops and meetings. Those spaces may be rented, but will also be used by the Vila Flores Cultural Association that manages the activities that take place on site and promotes the increase of cultural, educational, artistic, technological and sustainability projects.

b) Space for Professional Practice
The intention is to receive companies and professionals that offer creative products or services, cultural or technological. It can be offices, studios, co-working spaces in the shop downstairs. Vila Flores is also designed to have a prototype space with a complete workshop for use for a monthly fee.
c) Space for Presentations
The house in the inner courtyard will be designed to rent for shows, seminars, lectures, projects and exhibitions of art, culture, creativity, technology and innovation.

d) Space for Residence
Apartments for rent for extended periods of time with the intent to host students, teachers, professionals and tourists who are in town for events, studies, art residencies and leisurely activities.




● João Wallig
● Samantha Wallig
● Luis Machado



● João Felipe Wallig
● Pablo Urquiza Chaves
● Márcia Braga
● Amável Amaral


Cultural Agenda:

● Antonia Wallig
● Aline Bueno
● Márcio Machado


telephone: 55 51 3265-1600

address: Rua São Carlos, 753
90220 Porto Alegre/ RS


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